These pills have proven to be highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction by enhancing the size of a man’s penis while in an erection.

Pills for penis enhancement are meant for men who are bothered by insecurities concerning the size of their penis, men with sexual performance issues or with a sexual dysfunction. Male enhancement pills are formulated with certain ingredients that increase the size of an erect penis and improve a man’s overall sexual performance.

The pills I list below are the ones I deem most effective for male enhancement. They are made from natural ingredients, making them medically safe to provide the following benefits:

  • An improved libido and sex-drive for the long term.
  • A larger erection that is stronger and longer lasting over time.

If you are expecting to take these pills to permanently increase the size of your penis, even it its flaccid state, you have unfortunately been misinformed. The pills only increase the size of the penis when it is in an erection. The reason for this is that the supplements work to increase the blood flow to the penis. They do this by dilating the affected blood vessels, and the result is a larger, stronger penis. This doesn’t happen overnight. Medical studies show that when taking top-quality male enhancement pills on a continuing basis over a long period of time, their blood vessels dilate by 10% to 15%, which is substantial.

#1 MaleExtra

Top-ranking Male Enhancement Supplement

Male Extra™ is an incredible product made from highly potent ingredients. These are now among the most effective natural supplements available online today for increasing the size of a man’s erection. Each pill contains 1500mg, which is more than ample to be effective, more than most other male enhancement pills on the market. The highly potent formulation is very unique because it contains Pomegranate with 70% Ellagic acid along with other ingredients proven to be very effective for erection enhancement. This makes Male Extra among the top in the world for herbal supplements for men desiring penile enhancement.

By ingesting Male Extra your penis will look larger while becoming harder and longer when erect, leading to more explosive orgasms. Another benefit of taking Male Extra is the penile exercise program that accompanies the supplements, called PenisHealth™. By practicing the exercises on a regular basis while taking Male Extra, you will see incredible enhancements in the size of the girth, as well as in the length of your penis!
Whatever you pay for Male Extra, it’s certainly worth it for the change it will make in your life.


#2 VigRX Plus

The Latest Breakthrough in Erection Enhancement

VigRX Plus is the newest pill on the market for erection enhancement, combining an array of safe, natural ingredients that are highly effective. The pills work to stimulate specific male hormones to send a message to the brain to increase the blood flow to the penis as well as the circulation. VigRX Plus is recommended by doctors since it’s clinically proven to work in helping to achieve a larger, longer-lasting and harder erection, with improved libido and better sexual health overall. The fact is that many users report having more control over ejaculation as well as a noticeable increase in the size of their penis, both in girth and length. VigRX Plus contains very powerful ingredients for treating erectile dysfunction so that the blood flow to the penis increases, to expand and harden it. One of these ingredients is L-arginine, which is an amino acid that produces nitric oxide, relaxing the blood vessels around the penis, enabling them to take in additional blood.
I would say the only negative comment I can make is it seems a little overpriced. However, no one disputes the quality of this product in the least.

# 3 ProSolution Pills™

An All Natural Supplement for Penile Enhancement

ProSolution Pills are an natural herbal supplement formulated to improve the sex lives of men by enhancing the size of their penis. This product contains two ingredients that are trademarked, Drilizen and Solidilin. Combined together they create a powerful synergism that works to increase the body’s natural nitric oxide production, dilate the blood vessels to the penis, raise the level of testosterone in the body, which will increase sexual desire and stamina. Putting it simply, ProSolution Pills addresses the psychological as well as the physical aspects of male sexuality. It treats sexual function as well as desire, providing an all-natural solution for men. If you want to enjoy spontaneous sex that is exciting and fulfilling, ProSolution Pills may be the formula for you.
ProSolution Pills is an excellent choice to enhance the size and girth of your penis and GUARANTEED to give you a harder erection, more often than you can imagine, with more exciting orgasms.

#4 Extenze

Male Enhancement Pill to Increase Desire & Erections

Extenze is formulated to treat weak erections and low libido or sexual desire. This supplement is relatively new on the market and contains all-natural, safe ingredients that are effective in stimulating the sexual functions in men. This Erection Enhancer works by significantly increasing the flow of blood to the penis, which increases both the hardness and size of the penis. When erect, your penis will be thicker and longer, giving you more sexual stamina with deeper penetration, which makes for a more satisfied sexual partner.
If you want that extra boost to improve your sex life, this Erection Enhancement product is certainly worth trying!

#5 Virility Pills VP-RX™

VP-RX is an all natural male virility enhancer claimed to only uses the finest, safest, natural ingredients to support an erection size, erection quality, and your sex drive.
VP-RX Virility Pills is the male enhancement pill that works in two stages:
1th stage: take your 2 pills daily with a meal until desired results are achieved, and
2th stage: take the VP-RX as daily supplement to build your sexual health on the higher level by taking one pill three or four times a week.
This could be an end to your suffering from erection difficulties without exercises, without equipment, without effort. Most people who have tried these male enhancement pills have also reported a notable energy boost, that's always welcome in the bedroom!
VP-RX promotes a healthy body and sexual health, because a healthy body is ready for sex.