Hello, first let me introduce myself.
My name is Vic Mandich.  By profession I am a process engineer in the field of chemistry. However, my passion is the research of the internet, especially the new dietary supplements on a natural basis.
So I decided to conduct a research on natural herbal products that can increase the amount of your ejaculation.


Millions of men worldwide suffer from the fact that they produce a small amount of semen fluid. Very often sperm deficiency in men can lead to infertility or even to low-intensity orgasms … the good news is there is a solution.

Fact is, every man wants to rank high!!!

Can Sperm Pills really strengthen your ejaculation function, giving a significant increment in the amount and quality of semen you can produce, intensifying your orgasms and even boosting your fertility rate?

Yes, sperm enhancement really exist in the form of pills, male pills that can boost your sperm volume and get the power out of you to give you the pleasure you are yet to know, making you experience a New sexual life on the basis of HUGE orgasms like never ever felt before...!! ...TERRIFYING PLEASURE IS THE RIGHT EXPRESSION!

Are there any natural pills that can help me?

Surely you have seen online, many brands offering sperm enhancing pills, and being sold on the internet these days, what you should know is, many of these brands are actually low-quality or absolutely ineffective pills, which end doing more damage than good. Therefore, I will present here only real products, the best guaranteed solutions on the market, the ones which effectively target your requirements. Plus, these featured products are suitable for men aged 18 to 65+ who wish to boost their sexual pleasure with stronger orgasms and/or improve their reproductive skills by producing more semen fluid, full of healthy active spermatozoids.

….Let’s go for this Precious Info!

These are straight useful questions, pretty useful for our subject-matter, let’s read a bit!

How long should you be taking Sperm Pills to see significant sperm enhancement?

You will be more than surprised with the results you’ll see. In less than a month you can expect a significant increase in the amounts of semen you will be ejaculating. In two more months, you should start noticing that the increase is now more than 200%. Average volume gains go from 2-3ml to about 8-10ml within three months of daily use. And, within just six months some glad users will be able to enhance their sperm volume up to 500%. It is also very important drinking lots of water with the pills to achieve your desired output (just remember it is not recommended drinking too much water at night, right? Otherwise you may not sleep too well, so drink more water in the mornings, and you will be right on track). And finally, if you keep taking the product on a regular daily basis it is simply impossible not to get results. These all-natural herbal products are capable to increasing your amount of semen fluid and sperm count, and that grants you a 100% effective and healthy solution, with absolutely no harmful side effects, not even 1 at all, and I strongly advise you: please don’t risk yourself, stay away of the chemical products, keep safe!


Just as I have said lines above, all of these products are the best natural approach I have found in my thorough online research, and what can be greater news than that! Now you can safely treat your secret problem, or just take the decision of enhancing your male performance, but redefining pleasure means something else, it is, as I stated in the first lines, allowing the natural approach to go into yourself and get the yet unreleased powers inside of you, redesigning your inner natural system to take you to higher levels of pleasure you have not experienced to date and would hardly ever imagine, redefining pleasure, yes my friend, that is redefining pleasure, take this natural easy to follow approach and uncover your real pleasure potential now!

Top Rated Products:

#1 Volume Pills

Get Those Awesome Thrilling Sexquakes Only Volume Pills can Give You!

Volume Pills are a really effective sperm enhancer aid and the easiest tool to use for achieving your pleasant male enhancement objectives. In my opinion, volume Pills can help you and your partner, not only by reaching increased ejaculatory powers, but by exploring new territories of sexual sensibility, enjoying the many benefits that only continued optimal sexual performance can bring.

What are the Manufacturer’s Claims?

Volume Pills consist of a mixture of powerful herbal supplements and minerals, including Zinc Oxide, all of these compounds constitute key elements for increasing your semen volume, as well as for maintaining a healthy sperm count. Volume Pills will multiply the quantity of semen and sperm generated by your body and it also includes a particular substance that is not in many other pills. It gives you a Chinese aphrodisiac known as Xian Mao, one of the strongest sources for activating natural sexual arousal ever found in nature that is directly absorbed and managed by the male body, fitting its requirements, and fulfilling its precise related needs.

Should you chose to go the fastest way, Volume Pills is your solution to increase your sperm volume, the strength and mobility of your spermatozoids, and boosting your sex drive for incredible performances. These pills are also well known for safely increasing blood flow to the penis and increasing your overall testosterone levels. Volume Pills starts working within just a few days from first intake, and are really easy to swallow and completely safe for you, which grant you with the amazing power of increasing your semen volume, boosting your overall sexual health in the process. I would recommend you Volume Pills if you want to:

  • Ejaculate up to 5 extra times! (Some users have seen increments of 500%!)
  • Get intensified orgasms that last for a longer period
  • Ejaculate FURTHER and with MORE power!!
  • Increase your sexual desire
  • Boost up your sexual powers and performance (to great extent or to your maximum level)
  • Longer lasting and harder than ever erections

What my Research has Found?

As far as I could read on the reliable Internet Forums, people have been saying that Volume Pills really does its job. Although honestly, it usually takes a minimum period of 2-3 weeks to start noticing the difference (by the way, completely distrust any product that you may hear to act as fast as in 2 or 3 days, for sure it is a weird harmful substance in the short or mid-term, that kind of dangerous products appear one day and then disappear all of a sudden, to reappear some time later under another brand name, truly harm and dangerous they are!). After reading so many feedbacks I would recommend the pills should be taken for a minimum of 90 days - on daily basis - to see the full results. Overall, not just most but the vast majority of customers are very satisfied with the results of Volume Pills, and have reported significant increasing strength in their ejaculation valve, and so they shoot bigger loads during each ejaculation, they just show so happy, they are new men now!

At the bottom line, considering the quality and the price, and comparing it with other products of a similar type, Volume Pills clearly shows like a product that deserves the first place in my ranking (and worth a serious try as well).

#2 Semenax

My second supplement (and also, very good choice) is Semenax.

Semenax contains a powerful mixture of herbal ingredients that are capable of working together to balance your organism in order to properly stimulate your natural semen production.

Semenax is a powerfull all natural dietary supplement which significantly increases the volume of your ejaculations, giving you longer lasting orgasms and more powerful erections, its 100% all natural formula will increase the volume of your sperm by up to 500% giving you amazing unforgettable orgasms. It is endorsed by the most renowned doctors and herbalists. If you take the decision on this natural option, and are looking for a sperm volume pill that is affordable, I advise you to think about the safe and affordable Semenax.

It’s time to enjoy your climax by improving the potency, fertility and mobility of your sperm!

What are the Manufacturer Claims?

  • Ejaculation improvements up to 5 times more! (Some users have seen more than 500% )
  • Redoubled orgasms to make them last for longer periods of time
  • Stronger Ejaculation Valve to shot FURTHER and with MORE power!!
  • Sexual Appetite Amplified and more intense
  • Heighten on sexual potency and performance
  • Longer lasting and more intense erections

What my research can reveal to you!

I found out that most of the customers who have used Semenax were able to see positive results and visible boosting in sperm production within 20 -25 days of taking the pills. In fact, this is another great product composed of powerful ingredients proven to work and just because it is a bit more expensive (also, actually requiring more months to see results) than “Volume Pills” Semenax grabs an honorably second place after "Volume Pills".

#3 Spermomax

My third choice is Spermomax.

Spermomax is a unique male enhancement formula, very cleverly designed to increase your sperm volume, male system potency and overall male sexual powers. There are rumors that even say that this formula has been used by professional male porn stars. Yes, indeed this male formula will make you produce large volumouse explosions of manhood, followed by an intense beautiful orgasm, a complete manly experience which is as powerful as honest, a transformational deeply satisfying experience for both partners – and no doubt, especially for the man!

The ingredients were particularly chosen for its proven synergistic action that creates a raise in your testosterone levels, increasing your semen volume and delivering wonderful health support to those gratified testes.

The most important ingredient of Spermomax is ZINC, a well-known ingredient that has been linked, by multitudinous studies, to effective support for the male sexual organs and functions by means of boosting testosterone; it increases sperm production and helps maintaining an optimal status of semen quality. Spermomax offers you a huge 150mg of Zinc per serving (in the form of Zinc Aspartate & Zinc Gluconate) – to provide that you will increase your ejaculation volumes up to 500%. SIMPLY AMAZING!
Besides the Zinc component, Spermomax also includes these heavy hitting ingredients that enhance your sperm count:

  • maca extract
  • dodder seed
  • l-lysine
  • saw palmetto extract
  • xian mao extract
  • l-arginine

My final verdict about sperm pills

It’s a fact of my research that sperm enhancement pills can dramatically improve the amount of semen being produced and released during ejaculation. This is an enormous fertility rate increase which multiplies your possibilities of success at getting your woman pregnant, and this powerful boosting action is capable of injecting health renewing the optimal high levels of strength in your overall reproductive system, I mean, meanwhile acting in your virility it really is giving support to all your tissues, getting your testicles stronger and more efficient, and toning your penile tissues – inner tissues, muscles, and skin – at the same time. You can see all this effects for yourself by experiencing the new hardness you will achieve. By simple logic, enhancing the volume of sperm you produce will necessarily make your penile muscles contract stronger and faster, and producing as many shots as needed, to ejaculate all that sperm overproduction as far as they can. Consequence: The more sperm is ejaculated, the more intense and pleasurable orgasms you'll have. It worked exactly as expected for many satisfied users. Want to know how it exactly feels? Wouldn’t you like to become a macro-stallion for you and your partner? Then take action, you got safe and realistic options here, chose the one you like and redefine your pleasure now!